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Showcase your business with SW Wedding Expo!

The 2020 Expo will be sent right to each couple’s doorstep as a subscription box.  Brides and grooms will be able to discover your business without anyone having to mask up!

Here’s how you can be included:

1. Include your promotional items for $2/box.

2. Include your full size product purchased at cost.

Take a look through the example box images…


Also make sure your business is represented on our free listings site at!

Example box.

Example box contents.

Example full-size item with info card front.

Example full-size item with info card back.

Example fliers and promotional items.

Example full-size item.

Example full-size item.

Example full-size item.

Here’s how it will work…

1. Choose your box

There will be 3 different boxes, based on stages of wedding planning.  Couples will be able to choose when to receive each box based on their own dates.

2. Submit your items

Arrange pick-up or drop-off of your items.  I will be collecting 30 boxes worth at a time.  As couples schedule your box, I will use your items until they run out.

3. Finished!

Confirm the details of your items (info card to go along with full sized items, pay invoice for promotional items).  Then watch your inbox monthly for an update on how many of your boxes went out!


Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find your answer here, just use the contact form at the bottom of the page!

What is your refund policy?

Promotional items will be billed 30 boxes at a time.  No refunds will be offered once items have been received.

How will I be paid for my full size items?

Items will be purchased from you at cost, 30 boxes worth at a time.  Invoices will be paid after the items are received, before the boxes are shipped.

How big are the boxes?

The inside measurements of the box are 9″x6.5″x2.75″.  All items must fit within these dimensions.  Oversize items can obviously not be accepted.  If your item is heavy, please let me know the specific weight before sending it to me.

What’s on the info cards?

Each full size item will have an info card included with it in the box.  Couples will be able to see where to source the item locally, the retail value, and idea for how to use it for their wedding.

What are the different types of boxes?

There are 3 boxes, based on planning timelines…

  1. Engagement Box
  2. Planning Box
  3. Wedding Day Box

If you don’t know which box you would fit into best, I can help you decide.

What types of items go in the boxes?

Each box will have items that are available locally and offer the couple ideas for their wedding, planning tools, or pampering.  Boxes will have items geared toward brides and grooms.  Do a quick Google search for wedding boxes to get your creative juices flowing!

Why do I have to pay to put my fliers in?

The fee for fliers and promotional products is to help offset shipping costs and to make sure we provide value to each couple.  $2/box is a comparable cost to mailers with the significant advantage of going to warm leads who have requested to receive it.  It is also a significantly lower cost per lead than advertising options.